What is Mock Trial?

Mock Trial is a competitive public speaking event which simulates a jury trial, with competitors acting as either attorneys or witnesses. Doing mock trial will help students develop public speaking and courtroom advocacy skills. Many students who are interested in attending law school are active on this team, but we are open to everyone (all majors and disciplines) regardless of whether or not you are interested in going to law school.

At tournaments, we have 4 rounds of competition where we compete as the Prosecution and the Defense. In these rounds, some students play "mock" attorneys and some play "mock" witnesses. Attorneys give opening statements, direct examine a witness, cross examine a witness, and give closing arguments. Witnesses play characters that are directed and cross examined by attorneys. 

What We've Achieved

  • KU A qualified to the AMTA National Championship Tournament in South Carolina in April 2016. We finished in the top 27 out of almost 700 schools across the nation!
  • KU A qualified for the AMTA National Championship Tournament with a 6-2 record
  • KU A qualified to the AMTA National Championship Tournament in Los Angeles in April 2017. KU received an honorable mention, tying for 11th place in the nation!


Who we are

  • KU B and C had a strong showing at the Colorado Springs Regional tournament. KU B received a honorable mention to the open round championship. Additionally Jeremy Barclay won an attorney award with 17 ranks on the plaintiff. Sam Fenton also received an attorney award with 19 ranks on the plaintiff and 17 ranks on the defense.
  • We had an excellent first tournament in Des Moines! All three ku teams left with a positive record and Emily Depew and Sam Fenton both received witness awards!

We are a student-run organization at the University of Kansas. We attend tournaments across the country simulating real trials and acting as lawyers and witnesses. Like this page for updates on our progress and to learn more about joining the team.