Spring 2018

During the spring semester, we competed at the Mid-Missouri Invitational, Racheter Invitational, and Jayhawk Invitational. 



At the Mid-Missouri Invitational, Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away... earned 1st place going 8-0! Team Frying Pan --> Coffin received an honorable mention. Robert Santamarina 20-∆ (Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away...,1376), Sam Fenton 17-π (Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away...,1376), and Mackenzie Aden 19-∆ (Team 🍳➡️⚰️,1377), earned outstanding attorney awards. This tournament was a great beginning to the second semester! 



We went to Central College this weekend to compete at the Racheter Invitational! Despite having numerous team members sick and multiple last minute role changes, Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away... continued their undefeated streak going 8-0 and received 1st place. Team Kazoo Kidz (previously known as Team 🍳➡️⚰️) went 4-4 with an extremely high CS and multiple sick competitors. For their first competition of the season, Team Placeholder did a great job going 4-4. Robert Santamarina  19-∆ (Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away...,1378), Kendra Rodecap 18-π (Team Placeholder, 1376), and Zach Kelsay 20-∆ (Team Kazoo Kidz, 1377) received attorney awards. Harneet Sanghera 17-∆ (Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away...,1378) earned a witness award.


Jayhawk Invitational

On January 27th and 28th, we competed at our home tournament, the Jayhawk Invitational! Team Kazoo Kidz earned an honorable mention. Jessica Blom 17-π (Team Placeholder, 1378) and Caitlin Steimle 17-π (Team Kazoo Kidz, 1377) received witness awards. Robert Santamarina 18-∆ (Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away...,1376) received an attorney award. Not only did our team compete, but we also helped run the tournament. Special thanks to our amazing tab directors Kristina Maude and Tyler Toelkes. Additionally, we would like to thank Sam Fenton (Tournament Director) and Robert Santamarina (President) for all the hard work they put into making sure the tournament was successful. Lastly, we would like to thank our faculty adviser Alice Craig and KU's law school for their encouragement and commitment to the team. Our next tournament will be regionals. Team In a Courtroom Far Far Away... will be competing at UMKC and Teams Kazoo Kidz and Placeholder will be at Washburn.